Business Transformation

We transform your company by a Fractional Management scheme.
Transnational level talent at a fraction of the cost.
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Together we develop and transform your business
Our idea of Business Transformations offers support to our clients by using a Fractioned Talent Model. We offer for rent a worldwide-level talent by a fraction of the cost, thus backing companies that are within Retail environments.
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We enable healthy retail environments in order to assure the subsistence of the same.
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Rent of Executives with proven experience, per hour or week

We offer leadership on specific areas or projects of your company

“Business Task Force” for general interventions

Know-how & know-who at a fraction of the cost

Effective Alternative for Small and Medium Size Companies (PyMES), Startups and foreign companies

Get to know our model:

  • Sales-MKT-Purchases Diagnosis
  • Commercial Structure Analysis
  • Commercial Initiatives Planning
  • Cataloging and Negotiation with Retailers
  • Strategic Diagnosis
  • Strategic Planning 3-year span
  • Executive Coaching
  • Innovation Team Building
  • Design Thinking Methodology
  • Prototypes and Experiments Development
  • Scalability and Monetization Plan
  • Express Diagnosis for Retailers
  • Financial Diagnosis
  • Resources Optimization Plan
  • Control and Risks Diagnosis
  • Project Management Methodology
  • Chief IP Officer Fractional Support
  • Intellectual Property, Contracts, Partnerships, Litigation, Conflicts, Commercial Arbitration and Valuation
  • Organization Structure Diagnosis
  • Leadership Maturity Analysis
  • Exponential Leadership Development Plan
  • Executive Recruitment

Reduce your operating costs with our “Fractional Management” model

You can hire the services of our executives with proven experience, per hour or week. We count with experts for every area of your business.

We collaborate with:

Small and medium Enterprises

Companies operating in retail ecosystems, either operating chain stores or selling to large retail chains.

Large Enterprises

That due to limitations of people, resources or focus, they have specific opportunities that move the needle in their generation of profits and require external advice to lead the process.

Meet some of the companies
to which we have transformed

Meet some of the companies to which we have transformed