Digital Transformation

Together we empower your business in the digital world.

Our Digital Transformation area specializes in providing solutions in the fields of Marketing, Technology and Electronic Commerce, with the integral business vision that characterizes BC&B and that makes us unique in the market.
With the support of a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, marketing consultants and creative specialists, we develop projects aimed at strengthening the commercial and business processes of our clients, taking advantage of the most modern digital tools.


At BC&B we integrate the services of a marketing agency and a business accelerator, all under one roof.

Multidisciplinary team, expert in technology, marketing and business.

Specialized know-how, at a fraction of the cost of plant equipment.

Efficient alternative for SMEs, Startups and multinational companies.

Get to know our Digital Transformation services

At BC&B we have the Google Partner certification,which guarantees our experience and knowledge in the digital area at an international level.
  • Development of personalized digital strategies, based on a technical, financial and business diagnosis, always focusing on profitability.
  • Design and execution of the digital marketing plan.
  • Web analytics and measurement of return on investment (ROI). (ROI).
  • Outsourcing of the marketing and technology departments, at a fraction of the cost of having a plant staff.
  • Business Process Automation – Implementation of ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Analysis of investment in Information Technology.
  • Fractional support of “Chief IT Officer (CIO)”. (CIO)“.
  • Design of attractive, friendly and sales-oriented user experiences.
  • Development using various platforms and programming languages.
  • Development of Online Stores with product catalogs and shopping cart.
  • Implementation of online payment mechanisms with credit cards and other means.
  • Positioning strategies in marketplaces (Amazon, Mercado Libre, etc.). (Amazon, Mercado Libre, etc.).
  • Execution of search engine advertising campaigns (Google Ads / Bing Ads).
  • Website optimization for organic positioning (SEO).
  • Development of a publication calendar according to the objectives of each company.
  • Execution of advertising campaigns segmented to specific audiences.
  • Community Manager service to attend and respond in a professional way to the questions and comments of your clients. Community Manager attend and respond in a professional way to the questions and comments of your clients.
  • Logo design and corporate image.
  • Our main differentiator is given by the multidisciplinary expertise of our Design and Intellectual Property teams, which allows us to develop high-impact brands, taking care not to infringe rights of previously registered brands, thus providing you with the protection and legal certainty that only one firm like BC&B, with more than 50 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property, can offer you.

We help you grow.
We have done this for 50 years.

For more than 50 years long before the existence of Internet, At BC&B we have encouraged Mexican entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Today we continue to do so. Our Digital Transformation area is made up of a young team, but with more than 15 years of experience in the world of marketing and technology. We are digital natives, we remain at the forefront and offer comprehensive solutions with a true business vision. digital natives,we remain at the forefront and offer comprehensive solutions with a true business vision.

And if your goal is to go further, the combination of our Digital Transformation solutions with the rest of the range of BC&B services for entrepreneurs and businesses (Business TransformationInnovation and EntrepreneurshipThe Retail Community, among others), will give you the tools to take your company to the next level and consolidate your leadership in the market.

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Starting a business and growing it requires great effort and dedication, often with very limited resources. Today, digital technology allows us to accelerate this process, at very affordable costs.

Small and medium Enterprises

Enterprises with winning products and services, that have a solid business strategy and know that investing in digital media today represents the most profitable way to achieve sustained growth.

Large Enterprises

Consolidated Enterprises that, in order to focus their efforts on core businesstheir core business, require an expert and trusted strategic partner to execute marketing and technology projects, maintaining direct communication and collaboration with their operational and managerial team.

Marketing Agencies

We provide “white label” services to marketing agencies that, due to staff limitations or simply to make their operating costs more efficient, require external support in technical and strategic areas to fully satisfy the needs of their clients.

Meet some of the companies
whom we have helped transform

Our innovative model allows us to offer an excellent cost-benefit to both SMEs and large corporations.