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We support you from the moment you come up with a great idea to the moment on it is launched into the market.

Nuestra metodología

Desde nuestra creación en 1993, en la Oficina de Transferencia de Tecnología (OTT) hemos sistematizado las herramientas que nos han dado los mejores resultados para la administración del conocimiento y los activos intangibles de nuestros clientes, para integrar nuestra metodología Clever Value®️.

La vocación innovadora de nuestra firma nos llevó a consolidar en 1993 un área de práctica dedicada a impulsar el conocimiento y la tecnología de nuestros clientes. Desde entonces, nuestro equipo de la Oficina de Transferencia de Tecnología es el más competente en México para la gestión del conocimiento y su transferencia, pues contamos con los únicos profesionales en México que cuentan con la certificación Certified Licensing Professional®️ que acredita el dominio de los aspectos técnicos, financieros, contractuales y estratégicos de estos procesos. Incidimos en el ecosistema de innovación participando en la elaboración de las normas ISO y NMX para gestión de tecnología e innovación.

How can we help you?

We are experts in getting the most of your inventions, starting with the analysis of the best strategy to protect them. We start by being certain that your process in Mexico and abroad will be performed pursuant the highest quality standards and technical and legal consultancy to the lowest possible cost, and of course, with the best consultancy service for their maintenance and enforcement protecting your interests.

Knowledge Management has become a backbone for enhancing your positive impact on organizations and for improving your competitiveness; but which has not been developed on the same level as other key operations. Through knowledge, our methodology allows you to increase the value of what has already been doing, and to set specific procedures for its management.
We are able to establish the money value of those assets that lack of physical substance, such as trademarks, agreements or operation permits, but which create value within the organizations; and carry out the appropriate reports to the needs of our clients to provide certainty to their business plans, transactions, and corporate and fiscal strategies.

Nowadays, Intellectual Property is more than just a legal tool, it is also a tool for making business by making the most out of its potential. We foster our clients by designing strategies to conform portfolios of Intellectual Property Rights in order to maintain their competitive advantages with global vision.

The technology development, its assimilation and generally the innovation, are only a good wish if no actions are identified with its responsible persons, execution times, resources and specific objectives that take its materialization into reality. We support our clients on designing and managing the projects that will bring to life the innovation strategies.

We thrust the innovation strategies of our clients by identifying the available technical solutions, assessing alternatives in order to select the most suitable to their needs, negotiating the best conditions for its acquisition, and reducing the risk of infringing of third party rights.
Innovation requires of clear information analysis processes that allow to make decisions aligned to the strategic plans. For that purpose, we perform intelligence studies by organizing and analyzing the relevant information from multiple data sources, that are custom made in order to make appropriate and strategic decisions that are innovation oriented.
The Technology Transfer Office, renowned bye PROSOFT 4.0, has the experience, personnel and tools required for supporting every technology transfer process of our clients. Either for acquiring or selling technology. From negotiation strategies and royalties amount determining to execution and follow-up of the corresponding agreements.

We know that creating a company, which main advantage is a new technology or knowledge, is a challenge that goes beyond the technical principles and the innovation itself. That is why we count with assistance on the corporate design of new companies and the development of business plans that facilitate the search for government and private funding, which will allow the new companies to have the basic structure for receiving investment and facing those risks that are inherent to a new business.

Innovation is a lengthy process and poses a high financial risk, and in Mexico the public policies have acknowledged it; and nowadays, there are many options to support innovation and technological development projects. Through our Technology Transfer Office, which is renowned by PROSOFT 4.0, we assist our clients in order to choose the most suitable and available funds for their projects, to design high quality proposals and to manage the projects once the funds are obtained in order to comply with the administrative requirements from the selected funding.

In an environment of open innovation where knowledge is increasingly generated by more the one person, the risk of infringing intellectual property rights of third parties is increasingly high. We have the necessary experience and database in order to determine the risk that a product may pose on infringing intellectual property of third parties, even from its development, and to prevent conflicts once that it is launched to the market.
The intellectual property environment within the pharmaceutical industry is intense and complex. As pioneers on the linkage of the patent system with the regulatory processes and patent obtention of second medical uses, we have the experience to guide our clients through the international treaties provisions, the clinic data exclusivity, regulatory proceedings, and government acquisitions.
Having a product or service that is unique of its kind and that lacks a feasible technical substitute for a government buyer, is one of the legal requirements that justifies the direct adjudication of a contract. We have the experience to support our clients on documenting the technical justification to achieve successful procurement processes on these grounds, making additional use of intellectual property rights for such justification.

Our services

Innovation Technologies

We accompany you from the moment you conceive a good idea until you take it to the market. No matter the stage of development, we promote your project through financing and technology transfer strategies, as well as designing or complementing your business plan


Make sure they don’t copy what makes you different. We help you keep those competitive advantages that you have identified exclusively through the multiple alternatives that intellectual property offers you.



Our law & business model provides you with the legal, administrative and technical tools for making strategic decisions and maximizing the value of your knowledge and your competitive advantages.


Free evaluation

We evaluate your technology with our Clever Value® methodology for free to determine if you meet the most important requirements to be able to achieve its commercialization.


To whom is this service directed?

We offer a broad range of services related to industrial property in order

Government and Institutions

Working with tenths of public institutions has allowed us to understand their budget and regulatory limitations on hiring and implementing the solutions that we propose.

Inventors, Authors and Entrepreneurs

Starting something requires a great effort and dedications with very scarce resources. Among our clients, we count with creative persons with whom we work in order to push forward their projects.

Small and medium Enterprises

We understand that a growth process can be difficult, and a single person cannot assume every role. Our clients have professional services that work as platforms towards growth and development, at accessible prices and with foreseeable payment plans.

Large Enterprises

Our world-class clients have complex operations and require compliance with national and international regulations. We adapt to processes, providing the highest level of specialization to contribute to their results.

Academic, Scientific and Technology Institutions

We are aware of how difficult it is for researchers and academics to establish a relationship with the industries and entrepreneurship. That is why we work by the hand of our clients such that their knowledge reaches a social and economic impact.