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With over 50 years of being leaders on Intellectual Property, committed to the integral protection of your ideas.

We work to protect, maintain, defend and extract value from intangible assets to increase the potential of your business.

Why is Intellectual Property so important?

Protecting, through legal mechanisms, the industrial and intellectual developments, creativity and inventiveness, is fundamental in order to guarantee the exploitation exclusive rights, of our clients, additionally to their economic interests. Being leaders on the area, we count with the experience, infrastructure, and human capital to protect the innovation of our clients.

Being leaders on the area, we count with the experience, infrastructure, and human capital to protect the innovation of our clients.

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We assist our clients with the appropiate advice to obtain, protect and maintain their trademarks, always seeking the greatest benefit to have the broadest and safest protection. From the beginning we provide our clients with clarity and certainty regarding the feasibility of obtaining the trademarks of interest and understanding the business strategy in order to seek the ideal protection for their trademark portfolio. We also provide advice to keep the trademarks always updated, constantly seeking to maintain a close relationship between the protected trademarks and those actually in use.
Since we are aware of the importance that the proper handling of their works represents for the authors, we care about offering our clients a comprehensive advice that guarantees their proper protection and defense, advising them at all times on how to document, protect, use and, where appropriate, to defend their copyrights.
In such a competitive market where content on technological platforms is essential, a comprehensive protection within the commercial strategies involves considering obtaining, protecting and proper maintenance of domain names. The consultancy we provide to our clients always seeks to foresee comprehensive strategies in order to achieve an integral protection for their most important intangible assets.

We have one of the most complete and specialized teams on Intellectual Property litigation to address any dispute that puts at risk the interests of its clients. Thus, guaranteeing from planning the ideal strategy for the defense, as well as the selection of the proper legal and technical group in order to guarantee maximum competence and result in the most sophisticated litigations on the matter.

In a commercial reality in which piracy seriously affects the productivity and performance of any business, the planning, strategy and effective action against it may be the difference. According to the needs of their business, we help our clients to design the proper strategy for fighting piracy.
Upon obtaining the patent, registration or breeder’s title, it is of paramount importance to be precise in the management and maintenance of the portfolio of intellectual property rights. We are pioneers in the management of technological tools that allow us to comply with renewals and annuities of both individual rights and the largest portfolios.
We offer translation services focused on specific technical or legal area of each case. Our in-house translation team is conformed by translators with technical and legal training, some of them have the capacity to act as industrial property agents, whereby with the knowledge on the matter and processes for obtaining and the defense of a right, the highest quality in our translations is assured.
We are experts in getting the most of your inventions, starting with the analysis of the best strategy to protect them. We start by being certain that your process in Mexico and abroad will be performed pursuant the highest quality standards and technical and legal consultancy to the lowest possible cost, and of course, with the best consultancy service for their maintenance and enforcement protecting your interests.
We are able to establish the money value of those assets that lack of physical substance, such as trademarks, agreements or operation permits, but which create value within the organizations; and carry out the appropriate reports to the needs of our clients to provide certainty to their business plans, transactions, and corporate and fiscal strategies.
Nowadays, Intellectual Property is more than just a legal tool, it is also a tool for making business by making the most out of its potential. We foster our clients by designing strategies to conform portfolios of Intellectual Property Rights in order to maintain their competitive advantages with global vision.
Our Technology Transfer Office, renowned bye PROSOFT 4.0, has the experience, personnel and tools required for supporting every technology transfer process of our clients. Either for acquiring or selling technology. From negotiation strategies and royalties amount determining to execution and follow-up of the corresponding agreements.
In an environment of open innovation where knowledge is increasingly generated by more the one person, the risk of infringing intellectual property rights of third parties is increasingly high. We have the necessary experience and database in order to determine the risk that a product may pose on infringing intellectual property of third parties, even from its development, and to prevent conflicts once that it is launched to the market.
The intellectual property environment within the pharmaceutical industry is intense and complex. As pioneers on the linkage of the patent system with the regulatory processes and patent obtention of second medical uses, we have the experience to guide our clients through the international treaties provisions, the clinic data exclusivity, regulatory proceedings, and government acquisitions.
Having a product or service that is unique of its kind and that lacks a feasible technical substitute for a government buyer, is one of the legal requirements that justifies the direct adjudication of a contract. We have the experience to support our clients on documenting the technical justification to achieve successful procurement processes on these grounds, making additional use of intellectual property rights for such justification.
The secrets of an organization determine its competitivity, and the information protection, classification and administration within the organizations result fundamental in order to enforce the rights that result from such secrets. It is therefore that with the use of tools that are aligned with the information security standards, we encourage our clients to keep their secrets under confidentiality with a method based on risk assessment.

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We offer a broad range of services related to industrial property in order to provide our clients an integral support.


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